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Charlatte America
600 Mountain Lane
P.O. Box 968
Bluefield, VA 24605 - U.S.A.
276-326-1510 (phone)
276-326-1602 (fax)
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Charlatte pressure vessels are manufactured to the highest standards of quality  to meet and exceed the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
  • Our tanks are made with high quality SA-516 Grade 60 or Grade 70 steel, and also available in Stainless Steel. The shells and domes are sub arc welded and can be X-Rayed to ensure a perfect weld.
  • The legs welded on the tank are deigned to provide exceptional stability.
  • In order to minimize stress, each bladder is made specifically to conform to the inner dimensions of the tanks. As a result the lifetime of the bladder is greatly increased.
  • Our clear/potable water vessels are completely NSF61listed for all components, including model names HYDROCHOC/HYDROFORT. Our butyl rubber bladder design more than comply with the FDA regulations.
  • Our waste/raw water bladders are made with butyl rubber or nitryl rubber with a heavy duty coating to protect the bladder from sharp objects and from the corrosive nature of some liquids.
  • Charlatte tanks are equipped with specially designed grids on the inlet/outlet connection to keep large objects from entering the tank, and to prevent the bladder from coming out of the tank.