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Hydrochoc Lg/Sm

The HYDROCHOC surge protection vessel is designed for water hammer and surge protection on clear water, and potable/drinking water systems.


The HYDROCHOC is available in vertical and horizontal designs and has a bladder that is fixed to the outlet/inlet connection located on the bottom or side of the vessel. The bladder is attached to the inside top of the vessel, so it can expand to the full size of the vessel. This allows for greater drawdown volumes, and less stress on the bladder. The air is trapped in the space between the outside of the bladder and the wall of the vessel. Therefore the liquid is not in contact with the steel walls of the vessel.

The HYDROCHOC vessel is available in a range of 25 to 40,000 gallons, and service pressures of 50 to 1160 PSI.

Please refer to the Surge Analysis section of our website for technical help on how to size the right tank for your application.


Use the section below for cutsheets and dimensions for some of our standard models.

 Model Orientation
 Pressure Rating (in PSI)*  Size (in Gallons)*
 HCA-XXX-145/217-VF Vertical w/ bottom outlet  145  26-528
 HCA-XXX-232/348-VF Vertical w/ bottom outlet  232  26-528
 HCA-XXX-362/536-VF Vertical w/ bottom outlet  362  26-528
 HCA-XXX-145/217-V Vertical w/ lateral outlet  145  132-528
 HCA-XXX-232/348-V Vertical w/ lateral outlet  232  132-528
 HCA-XXX-362/536-V Vertical w/ lateral outlet  362  132-528
 HCA-XXX-145/217-H Horizontal  145  132-528
 HCA-XXX-232/348-H  Horizontal  232  132-528
 HCA-XXX-362/536-H  Horizontal  362  132-528
 Larger Vessels - Horizontal  Horizontal    793-18,492
 Larger Vessels - Vertical Vertical    793-9,246


*For larger volumes and pressure ratings, contact Charlatte for more information.