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The ARAA vessel is a self regulating surge vessel used for raw water, wastewater and sewage that works without any bladder or air compressor unit..


Restrictions apply to the use of the ARAA vessel. It has to be replenished with atmospheric air every 24 hours. The pumps have to be stopped at least once a day for the ARAA to recharge naturally with atmospheric air.

The ARAA has a central tube and a two way air valve made special for wastewater.

In comparison to a conventional hydropneumatic vessel, the AARA needs neither a bladder nor an air compressor or related accessories; therefore there is no risk of abrasion or piercing. The reliability is greatly improved and the maintenance is reduced even further.

The AARA vessel is available in a range of 25 - 26,000 gallons, and service pressures up to 125 PSI.

Charlatte can advise you in choosing the right tank for your application.

Refer to the Surge Analysis section of our website for technical help on how to size the right tank for you application.


Technical Specifications

 Model  Outlet  Range (in PSI)*  Size (in Gallons)*
 ARAA 40-79 Gallon Straight Flanged   125 40-79 
 ARAA 132-528 Gallon  Straight Flanged  125 132-528 
 ARAA 40-79 Gallon  T Outlet  125 40-79 
 ARAA 132-528 Gallon  T Outlet  125  132-528
 ARAA 40-79 Gallon  90° Elbow  125 40-79 
 ARAA 132-528 Gallon  90° Elbow  125 132-528 
 Larger Vessels     793-9246


 *For larger volumes and pressure ratings, contact Charlatte for more information.